Crochet Chemistry Set!

A few months ago, my cousin asked if I could make something like this.  I said I could, but didn't commit to making it so I could whip up a set and send it to her as a surprise birthday present.  I went back to the original photo a few weeks ago to search for the pattern, but the creator is not sharing/selling it.  Next, I checked out Ravelry and found free patterns for an Erlenmeyer flask and a flat bottom boiling flask.  After working those two up, I used trial and error to create a beaker, graduated cylinder, test tubes, Bunsen burner, and coil.  The scale of the pieces is definitely off, but they're cute nonetheless.

The most frustrating part of making this set was not being able to find a test tube holder (I gave up pretty quickly on recreating the stand for the Bunsen burner and the beaker).  All the inspiration images of crocheted chemistry sets I came across had some kind of wooden or plastic holder for the tubes.  I scoured Joann's, Michael's, and my local Ben Franklin for such an object and came up with exactly nothing.  I finally considered constructing my own holder, but realized that would probably be equally frustrating.  So... sorry test tubes, you're on your own.

If I make this set again, I'll definitely try to do  better with the scale as well as the smiles (because embroidering faces never seems to get easier). Overall, this set was a fun little challenge and it turned out pretty well!