Stitch Fix #24 - April 2018

Happy April, everyone! This month I asked Lori for items that I could take on my upcoming Napa vacation that would eventually transition into normal wearable things here in the greater Seattle area. Read on to see what she sent!

Stitch Fix 24 Collage.jpg


SEAVEES Monterey Printed Lace-Up Sneakers - Returned

Seavees Monterey Printed Sneakers.jpg

I had seen these in the style quiz and liked them, so I was excited to see these in my fix! They're super cute, but not quite wide enough for my feet.


LIVERPOOL Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean - Kept

Liverpool Elizabeth Skinny Jean Collage.jpg

I own a pair of these in a larger size from my earlier Stitch Fix days and I adore them. The fit is fantastic and I love the lack of buttons/a zipper. So happy to have another pair in my current size!


41 HAWTHORN Mandey Cold Shoulder Keyhole Blouse - Returned

41 HAWTHORN Mandey Cold Shoulder Blouse Collage.jpg

Prior to this fix, I'd never tried on a ruffle sleeve top. I was happy to have the opportunity to try this. I love the color/print, material, and how it looks on me, but the sleeves hit me at an odd spot that made it hard to move my arms. Unfortunately, it had to go back.


WISP Pamala Knit Maxi Dress - Kept

WISP Pamala Maxi Dress Collage.jpg

I love this maxi because the colors are so me! The material is great, it's comfortable, has a great neckline, fits nicely, and I can wear a regular bra. Another great Stitch Fix maxi!


MARKET & SPRUCE Maisy Cold Shoulder Linen Blend Knit Maxi Dress - Returned

MARKET & SPRUCE Maisy Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress Collage.jpg

This was a fun option to try. I loved the color and the material was very soft and comfortable. I liked the cold shoulder detail, but the dress didn't fit me quite right at the waist. It had to go back.


Final thoughts on this fix

Lori did a great job of continuing the color train as I called it last month! There were a lot of great items this month and I love that my stylists have always pushed me just a little out of my comfort zone. It's always surprising when you like something you never thought you would! I feel like I've been fairly picky about fit recently, but I realize that not everything will fit me and that's ok. See you all next month!


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