Jeff's Birthday Dinner

Jeff had his birthday dinner at The Barking Frog in Woodinville this week.  He'd been wanting to go for quite a while, so we figured there wasn't a much better time than his birthday.  The atmosphere was lodge-y, but not so over the top to be a turn off.  We really liked that the menu had a lot of options that would work for keto even though we were taking a night off.

To start, we had foie gras on a beignet with plum compote and vanilla honey.  This dish surprised me since I was skeptical about eating foie gras.  I barely even noticed it because the beignet was cooked so nicely and the plum compote seemed to be the star.  Jeff had a rib-eye steak with demi glaze, bone marrow, truffle fries, and lemon aioli for his entrée.  I sampled off his plate and it was all amazing.  I dug into sous vide pork and had it gone before I even considered taking a picture.  All I have to say is sous vide meat is the way to go.  For dessert, we had mango habanero crème brulee and also asked for more beignets and plum compote.  The crème brulee was good, but the beignets and plum compote won the dessert war in my opinion.  To top it all off, Lyle Lovett walked in and sat at the table behind us during our meal.  I should have asked him to sing happy birthday.