Last weekend we (over) loaded the Mazda with 3 of our friends and headed east to a little Bavarian town called Leavenworth, WA.  Many of our friends had been and said great things, so we decided a sunny Saturday was the day to go.  The trip over was about 2 hours, but the scenery was great. 

Our first stop upon arriving was Andreas Keller for some lunch.  There was lots of beer, sausage, schnitzel, and weinkraut to go around.  Next, we headed over to The Cheesemonger's Shop on recommendation from my neighbor.  It turns out this store is a cheese lover's heaven.  They had every kind of cheese imaginable and they let you sample them all.  There was also beer, wine, and meat available, but I was too impressed with the cheese to pay much attention.  We spent quite a while here sampling before deciding to move along and come back to purchase later.  We meandered through many of the other shops that mostly sold gift items, but didn't buy anything.

Eventually, we decided to play putt putt golf at Enzian Inn.  It was fun, but possibly a poor decision due to the intense amount of sunshine and my lack of sunscreen.  I eventually gave up to seek shelter indoors and avoid becoming a lobster.  After the others finished golfing, we went in search of sweets.  We stopped several places including ice cream, gelato, and a bakery.  The bakery, called The Gingerbread Factory, was pretty neat.  It's a house that's decorated to resemble a gingerbread house and inside they serve all kinds of gingerbread creations.  It was extremely unfortunate that I couldn't eat anything there due to my keto diet because it all looked so tasty.  Thankfully, my friend ate a gingerperson or two for me.  Finally, we stopped back by The Cheesemonger Shop to pick up cheese and meats then hopped in the car, blasted the AC, and headed back west to Seattle.  All in all a delightful day and trip.