Coiled Butterfly Bracelet and Earrings

This is the limited edition large size of Coiled Butterfly from Blue Buddha Boutique.  This project came as a kit with enough rings to make 2 bracelets, so I split it with a friend.  Be warned that the kit does not include instructions (though they can be found in the Fall 2012 issue of Wirework Magazine).  I even had enough rings left over after finishing my bracelet to make some matching earrings (I used my own ear wires and 2 jump rings I had already since the ones included were too thick to fit through my ear wires).

I'm considering adding something dangly to the bottom of these earrings, but I'm having trouble making a decision exactly what I want to do with them.  Perhaps there will be an update on that later.  All in all, I learned that big rings are far more fun to work with than itty bitty ones.  I'm also loving how different this weave is from all my other chainmaille projects so far.  More chainmaille to come!