Deco Polymesh Wreath

Deco poly mesh is so fun to work with.  I've seen people make wreaths, garlands, or even a little Christmas tree with it.  I discovered it at my local Ben Franklin and finally took a chance on it last Halloween.  Here's what resulted.  It's not the prettiest wreath, but it's a good first try coming from me.  Want to make your own?  Read on!


  • Work wreath form (it's like a wreath base with fake Christmas tree pieces stick off)
  • 1 or 2 rolls of poly mesh depending on your color scheme
  • Embellishments
  • Scissors

Start by opening all the ties(fake Christmas tree pieces).  Take your inner color poly mesh, gather it at the free end, and attach it to a set of ties on the inner ring.  Move down the mesh about 12 inches and gather again to create a pouf (note that you can move down more or less to get your pouf to your desired size).  Attach the gathered area to the wreath at the next set of ties.  Continue this process all the way around the inner ring.  Cut the mesh when it gets back to the starting point and poke any ends of poly mesh or ties to the back side of the wreath.  Now repeat the process on the outer ring with your outer color.  When you have created and secured all your poufs, you can add embellishments like the spider garland in the picture.  Click here for the tutorial on YouTube that I used to learn how to make these since I don't have any instructional pictures of my own.