Red Heart Sashay Knit Scarf

I find the sashay yarn from Red Heart pretty interesting.  It looks pretty odd in the skein.  As you pull it out and take a closer look, it expands into more of a strange looking ribbon.  I never would've guessed it could be knitted into something so pretty!

I found out about this yarn from Mom, who has really gotten into knitting in the last couple of years.  I picked up a few skeins from Ben Franklin before a trip home last October and she knitted a scarf for me and each of my cousins for Christmas.  She says they weren't difficult to make and she got lots of compliments and questions when she was spotted making them in public.

I didn't get specific instructions on how Mom made these, which really isn't a big deal since I don't know how to knit.  She said she learned how to make this particular scarf by watching these YouTube videos in case anyone is interested:

I hope I figure out what to wear this with soon!