Pizza in a Bowl

Since I started keto, I've been a little nervous when we go out to eat.  It was hard enough to find something to eat before(picky eater here), but now it's even worse since I can't eat bread, pasta, or rice!  We recently went to a local Italian restaurant which offers a low carb menu.  I was surprised when I found a bowl pizza.  It's literally what it sounds like... pizza in a bowl without the carby crust.  I decided to try it because, hey, who doesn't like a big bowl of cheese and pepperoni?  It wasn't as pretty as normal pizza when it arrived, but it definitely fixed my longing for it.  Jeff later decided to try making it at home and here's what we ended up with:

Again, it might not be the prettiest bowl of cheese and toppings, but it sure hits the spot!  He basically layered a little tomato sauce(caution: carby) and toppings then covered that in cheese.  He baked it in a pyrex dish at 450 until it started to brown as a pizza would.  Then he took it out and let it cool.  Then, obviously, we chowed down.  I'm really starting to see that you can make any meal keto friendly. :)