Wedding Vendor Selection

We're still in the early stages of planning the wedding since we're over a year out, but I decided I wanted to get all the important vendors booked early so it'd be out of the way.  I was thinking officiant, DJ, and photographer.  After boatloads of research online and also checking out preferred vendors from our venue, I narrowed each category to one or two.  We met with each potential vendor to see their work and see how we meshed with them.  It was also the perfect time to ask all the questions we had built up in regards to prices, policies, and etc.  I was kind of sad that I liked them all since I knew we would only choose one from each category.

When it came down to making choices all I could do was drag my feet in indecision.  Why?  I think most brides dream of their wedding day being a perfect day... or at least as close to perfect as reality gets.  I was scared of choosing the wrong vendors for the big day and being unhappy if something went wrong.  I went on being indecisive for a few weeks until I absolutely had to choose and let the vendors know if we were booking.  After lots of reading WeddingBee posts and talking to Jeff about it, I realized I shouldn't worry about picking a "wrong" vendor.  I had screened them all on every review site known to man before we met in person and no red flags popped up.  It's all about going with your gut in regards to their work and how you mesh with them.  I am very excited to say I calmed my inner nervous Nelly/control freak and we have booked all three!  Hooray for checking things off the wedding to do list!