Engagement Pictures

Jeff and I met with our wonderful photographer JennyGG for an engagement photo shoot on a Tuesday afternoon in October.  As is usual in Seattle, the weather couldn't figure out whether it wanted to be dreary and rainy or let a little sunshine through.  We decided to play it by ear and make a last minute call if it was too gross out.  We decided to go through with it and it turns out that was a great decision.  Read on to hear about our experience and see some of Jenny's photos of us!

We met Jenny at Pike Place Market for the first part of our shoot.  I was really nervous because I hadn't had any professional photos done since high school and really wanted these to turn out well.  Thankfully, Jenny calmed my fears and we were off to take some pictures.  We ventured into Post Alley to the gum wall, back up into the market for some donuts, and wandered around the market until we came to the end and decided it was time to move on to our second location.  By this point, I was feeling great.  I'm so glad that we picked a photographer who is super friendly and has a sense of humor that meshes so well with ours.

We originally wanted to use Alki Beach as our second location, but thought it would be difficult to get to given the time of day and traffic.  Jenny suggested the nearby Olympic Sculpture Park since she knew I wanted some pictures with water and sky.  I could not be happier with this suggestion since it turned out to be a perfect backdrop for the pictures I wanted.  After arriving at the park, we walked and talked and took pictures until we got to the beach.  I really feel like this is where Jenny pulled some kind of photographer magic.  She had us walk along, stop and hold hands, sit on some logs, and pose for some traditional engagement pictures.  At the end of the session, I can truly say I was no longer nervous in front of Jenny's camera and was fairly certain we'd have some fun pictures to use for our wedding.

I was absolutely amazed when we received our pictures from Jenny.  They weren't the same pictures/poses we've all seen a million times.  There were no dopey faces or awkward poses to be found.  A friend saw Jenny's blog post that I shared on Facebook and told me that our pictures were very "us" and I feel that she's correct.  Jenny captured us as we are in our somewhat silly state of normalcy.  I couldn't be happier with her work or more excited to see what magic she can bring to our wedding.  If there's one piece of advice I could give to others at this exact moment in regards to wedding planning, it's take engagement pictures.  It not only gives you photos you'll treasure, but also helps you get better acquainted with your photographer and feel more comfortable in front of the camera(something I think we'll be thankful for on our big day).