Ear Flap Hat

Jeff and I carpool since we work in buildings that are very close to each other.  I have been in deep need of a hat to keep me warm on my walk between buildings.  I found this ear flap hat pattern by DreamerOnCloud9 on Ravelry and decided to venture out of my amigurumi comfort zone to make it because I thought it was really cute.  Unfortunately, the pattern turned out to be more of a guideline and it took me quite a while to figure out what was going to work.  I probably used a smaller hook(H) than I should have, but I like that there aren't big holes to let cold air in.

I ended up increasing to round 6 instead of 5 as the pattern suggests and it barely fits my head(but it's clearly too big for Sydney Bear).  If I try this pattern again, I'll use a larger hook and try to crochet more loosely.  I'm still pleased that it turned out nicely and may give it to a friend with a smaller head.