Bofur Style Hat

Ever since seeing Bofur in the Hobbit movies, I have wanted his hat.  I didn't really dig any I found online, so I decided to try crocheting one with leftover yarn from my ear flap hat.  I found a Bofur inspired hat pattern by Shaina Dyson on Ravelry and got to work.  My first try using H and I hooks turned out teddy bear sized, so I sized up to K and L hooks.  Either I have a huge head or I crochet way too tightly because the hat was still too small.  I ended up having to add five rows to the length of the hat and two rows to the length of the front flap.  If I made the hat again I would also add some length to the ear flaps.  It's almost guaranteed I'll make this again and make sure it fits this time... it's just too cute to pass up.