Mobile Food Rodeo

We slipped and went off keto again today for the Mobile Food Rodeo in Fremont.  There's just something about having 45 food trucks all in one spot that I simply can't resist.  We arrived to find the trucks lining both sides of the street and a huge crowd.  We walked all the way through the trucks to see what was there before making our decisions on what to eat.  Eventually we chose these:

  • Fry bread from Off the Rez
  • Kalbi and spicy pork tacos from Marination Mobile
  • Brisket, pork, and meatloaf sliders from My Chef Lynn
  • Tokyo dog from Tokyo Dog
  • "The Bomb" (Slow Smoked Boneless Ribs, Bourbon Molasses BBQ Sauce, Tillamook Pepperjack and Chipotle Cheddar, Mac and Cheese on Parmesan Crusted Sourdough) from Grilled Cheese Experience

All I have to say about the entire experience:  DELICIOUS!

(Okay, maybe something else as well:  I'll be back!)