King's Forge

Our friend, Z, recently introduced us to a game he ordered from Kickstarter called King's Forge.  It's a dice rolling game where up to four players compete to become the king's new blacksmith.  The goal is to be the first to craft four items on the king's list.  This is what the set up looks like:

Each round consists of a gathering phase, crafting phase, and clean up phase while each player starts with five metal(black) die.  During the gathering phase, players use the dice in their hand in combination with gathering cards and dock cards(bottom middle picture) to acquire more dice for use in the next round.  The crafting phase begins as players roll any dice in their hand not played on one of the previously mentioned cards to build items(bottom right picture).  Crafting can be tricky if you lack crafting bonuses to increase your roll or go first in the round since other players can roll higher to steal items you're trying to craft.  After crafting has been completed, the cleanup phase is initiated.  All "burned" dice return to the center piles, all gathering cards return to their pile to be shuffled for the next round, and all dice acquired during the round can move from the smithy tile into the player's hand.  This continues for each round until someone crafts four items and is crowned the new blacksmith.

I have to admit that this is my new favorite game.  There's something so satisfying about collecting the dice and rolling them all at once... not to mention beating the pants off all your friends in the process!