Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, some friends introduced Jeff and I to a computer game called Terraria.  I'm told it's similar to Minecraft, but I've never played that so I can't be sure.  I'd describe Terraria as a build your own world game with a bit of fighting monsters thrown in.  I hate fighting games, but there's something oddly pleasing about chopping up these enemies with a big, bad, fiery sword.

My favorite part of the game is exploring underground.  You can dig through the dirt/sand/silt/rock and find caves, treasure, and eventually lava.  There are also themes to the underground areas like corrupt zone(purple), glowing mushroom biome, jungle, and what I call hell at the very bottom.  At first, I was super obsessed with digging my tunnels in an orderly fashion, but my addiction is getting so strong that I dig as fast as possible to try to discover more in a shorter amount of time.  It makes finding your way around underground a bit confusing.

I created a silly looking character called Slizzy to try the game out thinking it probably wouldn't be for me, but I was wrong.  Our friends gave us some items including armor and weapons and Slizzy is now a complete bad ass.  Jeff built us a lovely home on the surface complete with chests to store all the treasures we find underground.  According to Steam, I've logged over 20 hours so far.  I'm starting to wonder who this game-addicted girl is and what happened to my crafty self.  All in all, Terraria is fun, even for casual gamers like me.  I would definitely recommend checking it out.