Crochet Kitty Nest

Remember the cat nest I talked about finding on Pinterest and wanting to make in a post back in November?  Well, I finally stopped playing Terraria long enough to finish it.  It took forever to make enough t-shirt yarn and I had to make some pattern adjustments after reading project notes from other Ravelry users.  You can find them in my Ravelry project.  Here's the finished product:

My adjustments weren't enough to curb the collapsing and curling problems many other crocheters had.  I think I'm going to make a few more modifications and crochet another nest, but this time bite the bullet and purchase the yarn from Joann's Fabric.  On the plus side, Cali really enjoyed the making of this cat nest.  She sat inside a few times before deciding it was better in a smashed flat form.  It now resides under my crocheting chair and she happily relaxes on top of it.  All in all, a decent project.  Possible update in the future.