Alton Brown Live!

In case you missed it, my husband loves Alton Brown and his scientific outlook on food.  I bought Jeff tickets to his Inevitable Edible tour last year for his birthday after I found out there was a date in Seattle.  Well, the show finally happened and it was every bit as fantastic as we expected.

You know it's going to be a great time when the pre-show features the goofy yeasts from Good Eats and Alton starts out by saying the show is 2.5 hours of things they won't let him do on TV.  He told some hilarious stories, sang/rapped a few songs, and did some outrageous cooking using a fire extinguisher as well as a giant cousin of the Easy Bake Oven called the Mega Bake.  Through all this, we learned several things:

1. Chickens don't have fingers

2. Trout doesn't belong in ice cream

3. Never forget the salt

4. Don't eat shrimp cocktail from the airport

Alton was every bit as funny as he is on TV and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience.  If he ever does another tour with a date in Seattle, you can bet Jeff and I will be there.