Seriously, Who Is Fancy?

I admit I've been more than a little intrigued by the mystery surrounding Who Is Fancy, an artist I first heard about on my beloved Elvis Duran Show earlier this year.  I was smitten with the song "Goodbye" from the first time I heard it and set out to work my magical search powers to find out more.  

Too bad Who Is Fancy had next to no presence online... it's as if he/she/they had been erased.  Three different versions of the music video for "Goodbye" eventually surfaced featuring three different individuals posing as the artist.  At this point, I just wanted to know who the heck those beautiful pipes belonged to and I wasn't the only one.  Elvis Duran himself was getting fed up with trying to find out who the artist was and started raising a stink.

Finally, the artist agreed to call in to the show for an interview.  Instead, he psyched everyone out and showed up for an in-person interview (but no pictures or video were posted for a week!).  He stated that he prefers to be called Fancy and that the mystery was so people could hear his art before they saw him since he feared people expected him to be a certain way that he feels he is not.  He also announced he'd make his big reveal appearance on Jimmy Fallon on April 7.  On a scale of 1 to 10, my excitement was at about 100 by this point and I still had 5 days to wait until the mystery was completely revealed.

On April 7 I found an East Coast feed of Fallon's show online because I couldn't stand to do any more waiting.  Fancy's performance was even better than I expected.  He truly was Fancy, if that counts... also adorable.  And the glitter at the end... I'm all over it.  Now that I've listened to his song, heard his interview, and seen him perform, I can't wait to see (and of course hear) more.  The mystery has been solved, but I'm still excited.  I guess your mystery marketing worked.  Score one for Fancy!