Food Randomness

Happy 4th of July, everyone!  I'm in a food mood, so I thought I'd share a recipe I recently discovered for garlic Parmesan green beans.  Between my forever love of cheese and my recent love of green beans, these sounded amazing.  I baked them up for the first time a couple of weeks ago and they turned out really well!

I was extra excited about this recipe since my skills in the kitchen are lacking and the beans I made were wholly edible.  If I can do it, anyone can!  In fact, I've made these delicious things several more times since the first time shown above.  I'd highly recommend giving them a try.

And now for the random part:

My husband presented me with this masterpiece for lunch recently.  It's a duck egg over medium with cheese and bacon (and hair and a face).  I'm not sure if this indicates one of us is an overgrown kid, or if we're just weird... but I fully believe he's the most adorable husband ever.

Have a safe 4th, everyone!