My First Stitch Fix

Well, here's a post I never expected to show up on this blog (because I'm fashion challenged most of the time).  All the Stitch Fix referral links in my Facebook feed finally got my attention a few weeks ago.  I did some research and discovered it was an online personal stylist service.  The idea is that for a $20 "styling fee" you receive five clothing/accessory items based on a style profile you fill out on the Stitch Fix site.  You then try on all the items at home where you're free to mix and match with other pieces already in your closet.  You decide what to keep and what to send back.  Your $20 styling fee is applied to any items you decide to purchase and if you keep the whole box you receive a 25% discount.  If you keep nothing, you lose the $20 styling fee.  My wardrobe is severely lacking, so I decided a potential loss of $20 if I liked nothing was worth it to sign up and try out this service.

I scheduled my first fix and immediately started working on my "style" Pinterest board to share with my stylist as Stitch Fix suggests.  The box finally arrived yesterday (a day late... thanks, Fedex) and I'm happy to say I'm quite pleased with Stitch Fix's initial offering:

Urban Expressions Adelade woven fold-over clutch - Keep

I tend to prefer small purses, but I've never owned a clutch.  This one is really neat since it's technically a square with a zipper that folds in half and latches with two magnets.  I like that the color can go with just about anything and the quality of the weave feels really nice.  The polka dotted lining is also a fun bonus.

Dear John Marson wide leg jean - Return

These jeans look nice and feel well made.  They were a bit big around the waist, but otherwise fit well.  Since I'm still keto-ing on, pants just aren't a good purchase right now.

41Hawthorn Austra polka dot trench jacket - Return

I was so excited when I pulled this out of the box since it's the exact jacket I pinned to my style board.  Unfortunately, it didn't fit me well through the shoulders and it had a weird piece on the right shoulder that I guess was supposed to be a ruffle.  Too bad it was a poor fit since it was otherwise really cute.

41Hawthorn Berneen dolman knit top - Keep

This was also an exciting piece to pull out of the box because I love the color combo in the print of hot pink/fuchsia with navy.  I was wary since it was a dolman top and to be honest, I've never even tried on that style of top.  To my surprise, it fits nicely and looks great.  Keeper!

41Hawthorn Colibri solid tab sleeve blouse - Return

I wasn't sure about this piece out of the box.  I like the style, but I didn't know what to think about the color since I don't wear a lot of green (and I really don't know why).  After trying it on, I decided this top would have looked great if it would have fit through the shoulders.  Boo.

Overall, I'm really happy with how this fix went.  I've read a lot of Stitch Fix reviews that contain varying degrees of customer satisfaction/happiness.  Some people consider a fix a bust if they don't keep at least 3-4 items or even the whole box.  Since this is my first fix, I consider the fact that I liked the style of all the items a win.  I also feel that it would be unreasonable to expect every item to fit me well since I have a shape that can be difficult to dress.  Two out of five items for a first try is great in my opinion and I can't wait to see how my stylist adjusts the items in my next fix based on my feedback.  Hooray for trying new things!

Edited to add:  here's my referral link.  If anyone is inclined to sign up via this link, I'll receive Stitch Fix credit. :)