Stitch Fix #4 - May 2016

I was so happy when this month's fix showed up a day early and Melissa had styled me again!  I requested a maxi dress and other pieces to help me transition to warmer weather.

Renee C Jory Split Neck Blouse - Kept

This is a fun light top that can be worn with lots of things.  I like the cut, color, pattern, and detail at the neckline and on the back.  A definite keeper!

Hailey 23 Wendey Knit Maxi Dress - Kept

A maxi dress was the one specific piece I requested in this fix and Melissa delivered a great one!  I love that this dress isn't low cut like a lot of maxi dresses I've seen on Pinterest lately.  The keyhole detail on the back is a nice addition and the print and the solid stripes down the side really make this dress a keeper for me.  Can't wait to wear it!

ONEMARKET Morie Textured Print Short - Returned

I'm so undecided on whether or not I like pieces that are yellow most of the time, but the combo of the yellow with the raised pattern were neat in my opinion.  Melissa suggested pairing these with a gray top (which I didn't have handy) so I just paired them with a white top from this fix.  Unfortunately, these didn't fit me well (slightly tight in the hips and barely able to button/zip them) so they had to go back.

Skies are Blue Cupertino Eyelet Detail Top - Kept

I admit I wasn't thrilled with this top when I pulled it out of the box since it's not something I'd usually try for myself (and it's white and I'm a messy eater!).  Melissa intended for me to pair this with the shorts below (not the yellow ones in the picture), but I have a pair of capris I think this will match well.  After trying it on I decided I did like the detail on the front, but the back's soft and somewhat see through material is what really made me decide to keep this piece.

ONEMARKET Romana Printed Short - Returned

These were such a neat pair of shorts to receive!  The print is bold and fun, but sadly these too did not fit (too small in the waist) and I wasn't really keen on the fact that they zipped in the back.  Back they went.

Final thoughts on this fix

Melissa did a great job again!  I like that she chooses pieces that fit my personal style, but push me out of my comfort zone just a little.  It's surprising how much you might like things you didn't like on the hanger when you try them on if you just give it a shot.


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