Stitch Fix #5 - June 2016

This month's Stitch Fix was as delightful as always thanks to my stylist, Melissa.  This month my only request was a cargo jacket since the greater Seattle area's weather can't seem to make up its mind if it wants to be warm or cool.  I told Melissa to surprise me in regards to the rest of my fix.

Ezra Maud Mixed Material Knit Top - Returned

I really thought this would be a keeper when I pulled it out of the box.  I loved the mix of soft striped fabric with sheer polka dot fabric and the flowery pocket.  Unfortunately, the cut was not for me.  The seam where the striped and polka dot materials join on the sides was not straight down from the armpit region as I expected, but instead went slightly down the front.  It was rather large and flowy at the bottom, which was not flattering on me.  I was fairly disappointed to have to send this back due to the strange fit.

Just Black Blake Scissor Cut Hem Skinny Jean - Returned

I like skinny jeans, but I was unsure of these due to the green color.  I ended up liking both the color and the fit after I tried them on (and liked them even more after I rolled them up as Melissa suggested).  Unfortunately, I wasn't sure that I'd wear these as much as a "regular" color of jeans and therefore couldn't justify the $88 price tag.  Back they went.

Pixley Maxen Textured Knit Dress - Kept

I love this dress.  The material is very soft, the color/pattern combo is unlike anything else in my closet, and it's a nice length.  A very easy piece to say yes to keeping!

Coffeeshop Arue Elbow Patch Cargo Jacket - Kept

I have asked for a cargo jacket once before and didn't receive it, so I was very excited to see Melissa included one in this fix!  I had pinned a specific cargo jacket that was navy and didn't have a drawstring at the waist.  She couldn't send me that exact jacket, but came up with a very similar one that matched both of those criteria.  I was a little nervous it would be too slim through the shoulders (a common problem for me), but it actually fit just right.  My only concern was that the jacket was a bit big around the bottom, but I decided that might be useful if I wore it with something layered or bulky.  Keep, keep, keep.

Daniel Rainn Celina Split Neck Blouse - Returned

I like that this top is made of a nice, light material, but I'm neutral on the color/print combo and the fit is just ok.  It's also a little too similar to the Renee C Jory blouse I kept last month, so it had to go back.

Final thoughts on this fix

Melissa does a great job of paying attention to the little details I leave in comments on my Pinterest board.  She's also a fabulous dress chooser.  I can't wait to see what she send me next month!


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