Stitch Fix #11 - December 2016

Welcome to my December Stitch Fix review!  I can't believe I'm already on box #11... where has the time gone?  This month, I continued the "surprise me" trend and my stylist, Melissa, delivered a fabulous box as always.  Read on for more!


Kut From the Kloth Doris Bootcut Pant - Returned

These are a very nice pair of pants that fit me well in the waist and thigh, but are too long.  Other than length, I think these looked really great on me.  Unfortunately, I already have several similar pairs of nice black pants, so these went back.


Skies are Blue Shima Neckline Detail Henley Blouse - Returned

I wanted to love this top because of the color and neckline detail. Unfortunately, it was too narrow through the shoulders and pulled in a weird way across the upper chest.  This is the second time Melissa has sent me something in a beautiful orange (my favorite!) and it hasn't fit because of my (obnoxious) wide shoulders. I was sad to see this one go in the return bag.


Doe & Rae Astoria Woven Back Zipper Detail Knit Top - Kept

I'm so happy to have finally found a match for this type of mixed material top! It's a nice color and not too flowy at the bottom. It's also a nice warm material and therefore perfect for my office.  It was easy to say yes to adding this to my closet.


Market & Spruce Wilco Solid Quilted Vest - Kept

I was so pumped to pull this vest out of the box because it's the perfect color for me! It fits nicely and will keep me warm at work.  I recently donated the only vest in my closet (because it was red... and we all know I hate red) so adding this new one to my wardrobe makes me really happy.


Retrod Jacobie Side Slit Pullover Sweater - Kept

I wasn't sure what to think about this out of the box since it has a cowl neck and I typically dislike anything cowl or turtleneck-like. I did, however, like that it's a nice color, made of a thick material, and has side slits. I decided I really liked it once I tried it on, saw myself in it, and realized how warm it was.


Final thoughts on this fix

I feel like this month was a special holiday treat. I was very excited about every item in my box, especially the tops. I think Melissa really knocked it out of the park with colors, materials, and details (she really excels at the little details). I usually keep only one or two items per box due to fit or just not being able to say I love an item enough to keep it for the price, but this month I kept three pieces.  I'm on my way to the elusive five out of five box!  Woohoo!

I've been really happy with Melissa's choices for me since she was assigned to style me last April, but I've noticed that her styling has gotten even better since I stopped asking for anything specific and just let her do her stylist thing. I know there's an algorithm involved, but I prefer to believe it's all her. I cannot wait to see what Melissa and Stitch Fix have in store for me in 2017!


I purchase my Stitch Fix subscription myself and am not sponsored in any way. All opinions are my own. If you sign up using my referral link , I'll receive Stitch Fix credit to go toward my future fixes.