Stitch Fix #21 - November 2017

As we learned last month, my long time stylist went on maternity leave at the end of October. I thought long and hard about whether it was a good idea to schedule a fix in her absence since she does a fantastic job styling me. My ultimate decision was to schedule a fix anyway since she assured me I'd be in good hands. How did it pan out? Read on to find out!

Stich Fix November 2017 collage.jpg


RENEE C Jedie Striped Sleeve Pullover - Kept

Renee C Jedie Sweater Collage.jpg

I love this sweater! It fits me really well and I the combo of stripes and purple on the sleeves is very me. It's also really soft and comfy!


JUDY BLUE Peter Skinny Jean - Kept

Judy Blue Peter Jeans Collage.jpg

I was a little skeptical since I received a pair of skinnies last month, but these are a different wash. Love the color, fit, length, and price point! Look at me expanding the bottoms options in my closet.


TRULY POPPY Becka Lace Trim Knit Dress - Kept

Truly Poppy Becka Dress Collage.jpg

I wasn't sure about this out of the box, but after trying it on I fell in love. The detail at the neck and arms is fabulous and there's just the right amount of lace. I don't dress up a lot so I'm not sure how much wear this will get, but it fits so nicely I couldn't say no. I also promise I'll wear appropriate undergarments when I wear it in real life. :)


LE LIS Soll Mixed Material Top - Kept

Le Lis Soll Top Collage.jpg

I was on the border for this top. I like the mixed materials, color/print, and how soft it is. It's a bit bigger than I like around the middle. I ultimately decided to keep it for the discount.


HONEY PUNCH Rivington Textured Open Cardigan - Kept

Honey Punch Rivington Cardigan Collage.jpg

I couldn't get the color balance quite right on this photo, but this cardigan is a very light shade of blush pink. I don't own anything this color, so this is great! I think it looks great on, it's soft and comfy, and I love that it's long. An easy keeper.

Final thoughts on this fix

Melissa was totally right when she said I'd be in good hands in her absence. My stylist this month was Lori and she used a combination of previous feedback and Facebook style quiz results to choose pieces for me. I was super impressed that she hit it out of the park with a 5/5 on her first fix with me! It's very clear that she has great attention to detail and understood my style. I'd definitely request her in the future if Melissa was unavailable to style me. As always, can't wait to see what's in my next fix!


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