Lego SpaceX Falcon 9

This week's post is a little different since I'm still being semi-lazy in the crochet department. Jeff is really interested in SpaceX and all the neat things they're doing right now (for example, landing the first stage of their rocket on a barge or even on land - super cool to watch!). He found this project on RepRage to build his own Falcon 9 from Legos. He set to work purchasing all the pieces and they came in last weekend (just in time to help him through the first 3 quarters of the Super Bowl as a Patriots fan).  This is what he built:

Jeff's creation turned out really nicely and now lives in his office at work. I love that he does fun little projects and that I can tease him about being "artsy fartsy." I also think it's really neat that people excited about SpaceX are sharing creative ideas for models, etc. In fact, this project is on a website I had no idea existed: Lego Ideas. It's basically a space where people can share their ideas for Lego kits. If they reach enough votes, Lego will evaluate them and potentially produce them. It's kind of like the Kickstarter of Legos. It's definitely a website I'm going to investigate - who knows what I'll find!