Lime Amigurumi

My company's logo is a lime, so I decided I wanted to make a lime amigurumi to decorate my cubicle. I set out to find a pattern on Ravelry and initially came across this pattern by Tracie Barrett, but found it is no longer available. I continued browsing and finally decided to make the lime from this amigurumi citrus collection by June Gilbank.

The pattern recommends an E hook, but I wanted my lime to be a little bigger so I used a G hook. I also added some 6mm safety eyes and a smile to get the look I was going for. I had initially planned to add arms and legs, but since this guy turned out much smaller than I hoped (about 2 inches tall) I scrapped that. Overall, my lime person is really adorable, but not quite what I was going for. He'll still be going to work with me and I'll be working on a v2 very soon.