Stitch Fix #14 - March 2017

Hello and welcome to the March 2017 edition of my Stitch Fix review! My stylist, Melissa, surprised me with warm weather clothes this month. I probably wouldn't have thought to start asking for any of these items until April, May, or June, so I'm glad she thought ahead for me! Read on to see what was in my box.


Kut from the Kloth Jansen Printed Linen Short - Kept

These are some great shorts. They fit well, are a nice bright color (more pink than red even though the pictures don't capture that), and the print isn't overwhelming. I really like that they have an elastic waistband and are extremely comfortable. I can see these getting a lot of wear once it warms up outside.


Daniel Rainn Jona Lace Trim Knit Top - Kept

Anybody who knows me knows I can't resist trying an orange anything. I really like how this top fits me, which is awesome since I have returned every other orange item Melissa has sent due to fit (stupid wide shoulders!). I also like the soft material and that there's only a small amount of lace. The only issue I see with this top is the cut at the neckline being a little low, but this is easily fixed by layering over a cami.


41HAWTHORN Phipps Crochet Detail Blouse - Returned

This is a neat top that Melissa suggested pairing with the shorts. I like the colors/print and crochet detail on this top, but the cut didn't work for me. I liked that the top nipped in at the waist and wasn't too flowy at the bottom, but I looked boxy from the crochet detail at the waist up. I was sad to put this one in the return bag.


Skies are Blue Tricia Pleated Skirt - Kept

This was my favorite thing in this month's fix! I love the bright purple color and light material. The skirt fits me nicely and isn't too long or too short. I am so impressed with Melissa for transforming a similar gray skirt from my Pinterest board into this real life beauty!


THML Baley Embroidery Yoke Knit Top - Returned

This is a fun top! The zigzag print is on a very soft material and the embroidery detail at the top is a nice touch. Unfortunately, the fit was just a little too big for me and didn't flatter my shape. Back it went.


Final thoughts on this fix

I was incredibly surprised to open my fix and find warm weather clothes, but after reading Melissa's note I totally understood that she is beginning to prep me for spring and summer and I appreciate her thinking ahead since I probably wouldn't have requested these items for a while. I am also incredibly happy that she is sending me bottoms that fit. I spent so much time pre-Stitch Fix wearing the same two pairs of jeans over and over again with an occasional skirt during warm weather because shopping for pants/shorts/skirts/whatever was not fun. While I still wear those jeans occasionally, I feel like I have a lot of options now! My closet is a happier place because Melissa is awesome, has great attention to detail, and just gets me.



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