Stitch Fix #19 - August 2017

Stitch Fix put out a style quiz through Facebook messenger in the last few months that I was invited to try out. They give you three quizzes to complete per day where they show you items and you give them a thumbs up or down depending on if you'd wear the item. This month was another "surprise me" request to Melissa, so she sent me a fix full of items I'd liked from the quiz. Read on to see what she sent!

Stitch Fix 19 Collage.jpg


KUT FROM THE KLOTH Benter Mixed Material Top - Returned

KftK Benter Top Collage.jpg

I was really excited to receive this top since it was similar to a top I'd pinned on my Stitchfix board. I love the mixed material look and that the sleeves are long, but it was just a bit too big overall. I considered exchanging it for a smaller size, but was afraid the exchange would be too small. I was sad to send this one back.


FATE Leyton Colorblock Open Cardigan - Kept

Fate Leyton Cardigan Collage.jpg

I was fully prepared to dislike this cardigan since it's flowy/not at all fitted. As usual, I tried it on anyway and ended up loving it. The material is great and it's comfy and warm. I think this will be perfect to wear to the office! This was a surprisingly easy addition to my closet.


41HAWTHORN Eugene Legging - Kept

41Hawthorn Eugene Legging Collage.jpg

I love that Melissa sent me a pair of leggings. I own several pairs already, but none are this thick. I like that these are soft and can be paired with all kinds of things. I admit they are a bit pricey, but not too much more than another very popular brand I own and I think the quality is quite a bit better.


LE LIS Alapay Printed Back Knit Top - Returned

Le Lis Alapay Top Collage.jpg

I was fairly torn on this top. I really like the mixed material look and the soft blue material, but I felt like this was a bit too similar in front color and overall construction to a Doe & Rae top I kept from fix #11. I've got to start being a bit more picky with what I keep or my closet will explode (a problem I never though I'd have), so this had to go back.


TRULY POPPY Arachna Lace Detail Blouse - Kept

Truly Poppy Arachna Blouse Collage.jpg

This top is so neat! I love the double layer construction (there's a layer of sheer lace underneath the opaque black) and that it fits my "lace as an accent, not all over" rule. I feel like I can wear this lots of ways and it looks great on. I'm excited to be adding this to my closet.


Final thoughts on this fix

I love that Melissa sent pieces from Facebook Style Shuffle! I was a little nervous when I started playing it since I wasn't sure if it would throw anything off since I was giving a thumbs up to anything I liked or would be willing to try on. It's clearly working out great since I loved everything in the box this month! I can't wait to see how continuing to play influences my future fixes (I think this interest partially relates to my previous work in machine learning at a big search engine), but I still say my fixes are the best when I tell Melissa to surprise me. She always knows what's going to look good on me.


I purchase my Stitch Fix subscription myself and am not sponsored in any way. All opinions are my own. If you sign up using my referral link , I'll receive Stitch Fix credit to go toward my future fixes.