Stitch Fix #22 - January 2018

I was happy to have Lori back as my stylist again this month since my regular stylist, Melissa, is on maternity leave. She used my Facebook style quiz likes as guidance for this fix. So what did she send? Read on to find out!

Stitch Fix 22 Collage.jpg


MAVI Freida Skinny Jean - Kept

Mavi Frieda Skinny Jean Collage.jpg

I am really hitting it big in the Stitch Fix jeans lottery lately. These jeans were a bit tight in the waist (still working on shedding some holiday lbs), but otherwise they're super soft, comfy, and slightly shiny. I couldn't send them back.


STITCHES&STRIPES Emmie Lace-Up Shoulder Cutout Pullover - Kept

Stitches&Stripes Emmie Pullover Collage.jpg

This top is fairly similar to the Skies are Blue Medea sweater from my January 2017 fix, but this one has more of a cold shoulder feel to it. I admit it's a little lumpy looking right now, but I like it enough to keep and wear once I get rid of the holiday lbs.


ADELYN RAE Halli Open Back Halter Blouse - Returned

Adelyn Rae Halli Halter Blouse Collage.jpg

I own 2 dresses from the Adelyn Rae brand, so I was excited to try this top. I really like the detail at the neck and the green color looked nice (I'm terrible at colors in photo editing!), but I wasn't into how the ruffles looked on me. It went into the return bag.


LAILA JAYDE Molli Hooded Open Cardigan - Kept

Laila Jayde Molli Cardigan Collage.jpg

I've been on a long tops with leggings kick lately, so I was happy to try this. It's soft and comfy, a nice color, very long, and fits me well. This will probably become a "wear with leggings" favorite for me.


ABBY & GAIL Beckette Open Back Knit Top - Returned

Abby & Gail Beckette Top Collage.jpg

This was a fun top to pull out of the box. I was super excited about the color as well as the cutout in the back, but it was a bit big and I just didn't like how it looked in general or draped in the back. I was sad to return this one.

Final thoughts on this fix

I was really happy to have Lori back in Melissa's absence. Based on what I've read in the Stitch Fix Facebook groups I belong to, this time of year can be challenging for stylists due to inventory issues. That didn't appear to be an issue for Lori since she did a great job of picking pieces based on my Facebook style quiz likes. As usual, I was quite satisfied with my fix and am looking forward to what she (or Melissa, if she's back) sends me in my next fix!


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