Stitch Fix #25 - May 2018

It's time for another Stitch Fix review! This month I asked for more casual clothes like 3/4 or short sleeve tops I could wear to work. My usual stylist, Lori, was out on vacation, so Kim stepped in this month. Read on to find out more about what she sent!

Stitch Fix 25 Collage.jpg


DANIEL RAINN Vivienne Printed Sleeveless Blouse - Returned

DANIEL RAINN Vivienne Printed Sleeveless Blouse Collage.jpg

This was a neat top to receive - the colors are right up my alley since they're nice and bright. I also like the 2 part construction (there's a stretchy knit bright blue tank top under the outer patterned sheer top) and materials. The only downside was that I didn't love the fit - it was a bit too flowy around the middle. Sadly, I returned this.


LILA RYAN Travis Short - Returned

LILA RYAN Travis Short Collage.jpg

These shorts were very comfortable, but as anyone who has read multiple Stitch Fix reviews from me knows - I would never be able to  keep these clean since I'm a very messy eater. I never fail to drop food in my lap and get a stain no matter how prepared with napkins I am. I didn't think they fit quite right either since they pulled strangely near the crotch. At $68, these were also a little pricey for shorts. I hope they find a good home with someone else who is neater than me.


WEST KEI Julianne Tie Front Blouse - Returned

WEST KEI Julianne Tie Front Blouse Collage.jpg

The colors and material on this top were great! I wanted to love it since it would definitely fit my casual office, but the side seams pulled to the front when I tied it to nip in at the waist. I couldn't get past that, so back it went.


41 HAWTHORN Clearwater Mixed Material Blouse - Returned

41 HAWTHORN Clearwater Mixed Material Blouse Collage.jpg

I liked the colors and material of this top. It had a neat construction. There was an under layer on the front that matched the navy of the back with a layered construction of the patterned material on top. Unfortunately, the front was a little too poufy for my taste. It fit nicely otherwise, but I ultimately decided to return it.


LE LIS Juri 2fer Maxi Dress - Kept

LE LIS Juri 2fer Maxi Dress Collage.jpg

I love this dress - especially the colors and material of the skirt. It fits me nicely and the cutout in the back is a fun detail. I still maintan that Stitch Fix has the best maxis!


Final thoughts on this fix

The last few fixes have been full of color and I love it! Kim did an exceptional job of filling in for my regular stylist, Lori. It was clear she has great attention to detail since she sent me colors I love and things that made sense for my casual office. I also maintain that the best maxis come from Stitch Fix! Until next month!


I purchase my Stitch Fix subscription myself and am not sponsored in any way. All opinions are my own. If you sign up using my referral link , I'll receive Stitch Fix credit to go toward my future fixes.