The Washington State Fair

Last weekend we finally made it down to the Washington State Fair (formerly Puyallup fair).  I've been wanting to go for at least the last 3 years and we never made it for one reason or another.  It was fun to go to a big fair because it reminded me of the one I miss every August in Illinois.  We saw fun things like a guy carving statues out of tree trunks with only a chainsaw and the 4-H dog exhibition.  We could've seen Carly Rae Jepson and Hot Chelle Rae in concert if we had tickets.  There were a ton of hot tub/fireplace/grill dealers set up on site, which seemed odd.  I guess we could've brought home some pretty large and expensive goodies.  There probably would have been more to see if it wasn't rainy and cold. 




We had a totally off keto night and devoured everything in sight.  We had corn fritters with honey butter, fried butter with raspberry sauce, fried clams and fries, roasted corn on the cob, an elephant ear, and a fried Twinkie.  It was glorious, though there was quite a bit of guilt afterwards.  I would love to check this fair out again next year when it's less rainy and possibly during the day when there is potential for sunshine because fairs are fun!