This is a fairly random post topic, but I had to share.  I think Seattle's constant overcast skies and drizzle made me a boot person.  I don't recall ever wanting/owning a pair of boots in the past, but I bought two pairs now thanks to Zappos(the best shoe store for wide feet people like me)!

I got tired of my feet being wet on my walk to work, so I purchased the Bogs linen rainboot in plum.  I can't get over how cute they are in person.  I love the pattern and that they have a little cutout to help pull them on.

These Gabriella Rocha Deke boots are my new favorite pair of shoes.  They keep my feet dry, look nice, and are comfy too!  I love them so much that I broke my own rule of not buying skinny jeans just so I wouldn't have to tuck my usual bootcut jeans into them.  If I could marry a pair of shoes, these would be a front runner for my heart.