Adventures in Deep Fried Food

Jeff has decided to take up deep frying food.  I, of course, am totally in support of this because what's not to like about fried food?  He recently decided to do an experiment with keto friendly batters.  The first batter that we tried was crushed up pork rinds.  This is a pretty great standby for lots of things we've already fried in a pan on the stove like chicken or pork.  He also recently bought some coconut flour to use in keto friendly muffins, so he decided to try that out as a batter too.  He tested each on onion "not-rings" and cheese sticks.

We found the onions were slightly better with the coconut batter than the pork rinds, but both were tasty.  The cheese sticks, on the other hand, were downright gross with the pork rind batter, but quite delicious with the coconut flour batter.  We never expected pork rinds and cheese to go so horribly together.  It makes us wonder how the pork rind nachos that we keep seeing on Pinterest will turn out.  We're almost afraid to try them.  Stay tuned for more adventures in deep fried food.