Ceramic Painting!

My lady friends and I decided we wanted to do a crafty outing that was different from Palettes & Pairings.  We ended up trying out ceramic painting at Paint Away.  They had a ton of adorable ceramics to choose from.  The process is simple.  After the trying decision of choosing what you want to paint, you let the helper write it down, paint it, put it on the shelf to await firing, and check out at the front counter.  So easy!

I chose a little snowman and painted him in an Illini theme(surprise, surprise).  My friends painted everything from baby dragons to mugs and bowls.  We spent about two hours chatting and painting and had a really nice time.  We painted on a Sunday afternoon and our ceramics were available to pick up after 5pm on Friday.  I was very pleased when I picked mine up.  Mr. Snowman is just adorable.  There's a very good chance that I'll be back to paint some more.