Crochet Settlers of Catan Pillow

Well, I finally finished it!  This creation started out as a blanket for Baby M made from a pattern by Amber of Cthulu Crochet.  I thought it would be pretty easy to put together until I actually started making the hexagons.  I must be dense because I absolutely could not get the hexes to work out the way the pattern was written.  In typical me style, I altered the pattern a bit and the hexes worked out just fine.  Little did I know, joining them together was going to be even more difficult.  Luckily, I found the zipper method on Pinterest and it worked quite well.

At this point, I had all the land hexes joined and was not impressed with the size.  It was way too small for a cat, let alone a growing baby.  Jeff suggested that it would be a good size for a pillow, which could still be useful.  I liked the idea, so I went with it.  I didn't want to deal with more hexes and joining them together, so I decided to creatively crochet around the outside to make the water part of the board.  I ended up with a big hex that I was fairly happy with.

I made one ginormous hex in a darker blue for the back, but realized I didn't want to crochet the two giant hexes together and stuff them for fear the stuffing would come out the holes.  Instead, I bought some blue fabric and did my best to sew a pillow to crochet the two hexes around (because I'm terrible at sewing). It all worked out in the end, and I came out with a pretty good (thought slightly lumpy) looking pillow.

I left all my notes in my Catan pillow project on Ravelry if anyone is interested in making a pillow also!