Electric Run

One day last year while looking for fun things to do on Pinterest, I came across the Electric Run.  I'm not a runner, but it looked like something I'd want to do because of the "bumpin'" music and the neon lights.  Unfortunately, I came across it after it had already occurred in Seattle so I signed up to be notified about it next year and pinned it to my "fun things to do" board.  I got an email about it in early 2015 and signed up with a few friends.  Excitement kept building in my group of friends and the event finally took place last weekend.  Outside of being annoyed that the event took place in Puyallup, we had a pretty good time.  Here are some pictures (kind of blurry cam):

Random, but I was also proud of the braids I managed to do in my hair:

I was happy that most people walked and didn't run since I'm out of shape.  On another level, I felt the event was over hyped with fun marketing material that the event in Puyallup didn't quite live up to.  For this reason, I think this was a do-it-once activity for me unless they really change it up for future events.