Rainbow Unicorn!

Back in 2014, Mom asked HK and I to collaborate on something that she could put in the Silent Auction at St. B's.  HK and I brainstormed and in the process found a ton of adorable amigurumi.  One of them was the My Little Pony Rarity pattern by Rachel Hoe.  We ultimately decided to go with Snow White for our collaboration, but she jokingly said I could make her a pony anytime.  Since then we've somehow gotten onto a rainbow unicorn theme when it comes to birthday cards, etc.  It became very obvious to me that the only appropriate present for her birthday this year was a My Little Pony rainbow unicorn.  Here she is in all her rainbow glory:

I started crocheting her at jury duty and got a lot of weird looks, but I wanted to do something productive since I couldn't be at work.  In all, it took me about 2.5 weeks to complete her.  I refuse to use felt on my projects so all the details are crocheted/embroidered/or plastic.  I created my own (admittedly really odd) pattern for the eyes and documented it in my pattern notes here.  Purple may have been a bad choice for the iris color since it's nearly as dark as the black.  Next time I'd consider a lighter color like blue.  I also crocheted curls for the hair and tail and used this rainbow pattern by Helen Freefor the cutie mark.  Even though there was a ton of sewing to put everything together which is annoying, she turned out amazingly!  I can't wait to give her to HK!  Yay for rainbow unicorns!