Crocheted Double Layer Braided Cowl

After I finished up the rainbow unicorn last weekend, I started on this double layer braided cowl pattern by CrochetDreamz that is getting a lot of attention on Ravelry.  I was really excited about it since the main picture looked pretty neat.  It wasn't too difficult to work up until I accidentally put the two braids together backwards and had to cut everything apart and redo it. D'oh.

After it was done, I tried the cowl on in the bathroom mirror and was immediately disappointed.  It doesn't hang right no matter what I do.  I suspect this is because it's a project that needs to be crocheted loosely and me crocheting loosely is the equivalent of everyone else in the world crocheting normally.  On top of that, I'm not sure what possessed me to want to make a cowl since I'm not even sure if I like cowls.  It seems every time I make something that isn't an amigurumi, it turns out poorly (remember these hats?).  I think I've learned my lesson and will stick to what I'm fairly good at... making things that can be stuffed. :)