The Never Ending Flowerpot Project

This week's project has been sitting on my craft table in varying stages of "almost done" since April 2014.  It was originally going to be a Mother's Day gift for my Grandma, but I didn't complete it in time.  I've worked on it a bit here and there since then, but I decided it was time to finish it up this week.  It's made from this pattern by MyGurumi that I found on Ravelry.

I followed the pattern for the flowers, but somehow the orange one ended up with only six petals instead of eight.  I did my own thing for the terracotta pot and dirt which you can find in my project notes on Ravelry.  I put some leftover craft wire in the stems of the flowers before sewing them to the dirt to make them less floppy and more bendable.  Overall, I wish I would have just buckled down and finished this sooner since it turned out fairly cute.  It'll make a great addition to my desk at work.  Not only will it brighten my otherwise drab office, it's also a plant I can't kill.  Win, win.  Happy Saturday, folks!