Time for More Chainmaille!

It's a new year and that means new things for me to post about!  I haven't worked on any chainmaille projects in a really long time, but this week I was inspired to dig through everything collecting dust on my craft table and make these chainmaille earrings since Blue Buddha Boutique announced it's going out of business this spring.  I hate to see small businesses close their doors(or websites, etc), but this post by the owner explains everything so well that it makes me hopeful that this door closing will lead to a better one opening.  In the mean time, HK and I are getting one last big order ready to submit so we can continue to have fun chainmaille projects for at least a little while.

These are Illusion Loops earrings designed by Lindsay Lamkin and sold in a kit on Blue Buddha Boutique.  They were really easy to put together and look really nice on.  For anyone who hasn't tried out chainmaille, I would highly recommen any of the kits on the website.  Get them while you can!

And of course, happy 2016!