Mary Maxim Snowman

Mom bought a whole Mary Maxim snowman family for me to crochet for her last year. I took my sweet time getting around to working on them and now I'm down to crunch time to get it done in time for her to put out for the holidays this year.  I finished up the first snowman yesterday and figured I'd share him.

He's 14 - 15 inches tall (including the pom pom on the top of his hat) and wasn't terribly difficult to make.  His body, arms, and scarf were easy peasy, but the hat design was not to my liking.  Instead of crocheting in the round, you crochet a big rectangle, sew it into a circle, then close up the top.  I understand that the reason for this is the texture, but it's still annoying.  The kit included felt for the nose, but we all know how I feel about using felt details on your crochet projects.  Needless to say, I crocheted him a nose.  I also made arm loops for the snowflake garland so it could be removed instead of sewing it directly onto the arms.  My biggest complaint about this pattern is that everything but the snowflakes calls for a G hook.  This is way too big for amigurumi in my opinion since the holes are so big you can see the stuffing.  It's not as big a deal on a snowman since he's made from white yarn and white stuffing, but it still bothers me.  You can find more detailed notes on my project page on Ravelry.  More snowmen to come!