Stitch Fix #10 - November 2016

Welcome to Stitch Fix #10!  This month I asked my stylist, Melissa, for clothes to wear to my casual office since I recently started a new job.  I realized Melissa has been doing such a great job with "suprise me" fixes that I told her to do another since the things she'd sent in the past made sense for my office as well.  Here are her picks for me this month:


41Hawthorn Gideon Polka Dot Sweater - Kept

This is my favorite item in the whole box.  It's soft, a nice length, and I love the polka dots.  Melissa suggested wearing it over a button up chambray shirt with any color of denim on the bottom.  I feel like it's a versatile piece that I can wear many ways and that makes it even more of a keeper.


Sweet Grey Raulie Tie Waist Knit Top - Returned

This top is a nice soft material and Melissa suggested wearing it either alone or with a vest of some sort.  I think it's cute, but the fit is off on me.  The tie hits at an awkward spot that isn't flattering and it's really too light of a color for a messy eater like me.  Back it goes.


Lysse Joylyn Ponte Legging - Returned

These are some great leggings.  The material is thick and they look nice, but they were just a teeny bit too tight and high-waisted for me.  I also wasn't sure I'd get enough wear out of them at the $78 price tag.  Unfortunately, these went in the return bag.


Honey Punch Karlyle Split Back Woven Trim Knit Top - Returned

This is a super fun top.  I love the length, combo of materials, and split down the back.  It fit me pretty nicely, but I just didn't love the stripes on the bottom and back.  This would have been a definite keeper if that part was a different print since I loved the material on the top so much.


Honey Punch Dawnty Button Detail Knit Top - Returned

This top had a ton of things going for it:  color, stripes, fit, and the incredibly soft material on the front.  What kept me from adding it to my closet?  The fact that it's dry clean only.  I actively avoid everyday clothes that would be difficult to care for and this is one of those items.  I'd hate to buy something I liked so much only to not be able to wear it often or worse, forget and wash it myself and ruin it.  I was really sad to let this one go.


Final thoughts on this fix

As usual, this was a fun box to receive and try out. Melissa did a great job of choosing things for me that fit what I asked for and pushed me just a little out of my comfort zone.  I feel like I would have kept a few more items if I wasn't being incredibly critical this month, but I'm trying to adopt the "if I don't love it, I shouldn't keep it" motto of many other Stitch Fix subscribers.  Needless to say, I sent the return bag back today and I'm already excited about what Melissa will pick out for me next month.


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