Amigurumi Cubs Teddy Bears

This week's project might have you thinking you're seeing double, but you're not.  Our Chicago friends announced they are having twins and I felt the only appropriate baby gift was a pair of teddy bears.  They're also Cubs fans, so of course the bears are outfitted with Cubs t-shirts to celebrate their big win this year.  I chose to use the same Cross Your Heart teddy bear pattern by Anne Schuler that I used for my Illini teddy bear earlier this year and I still love it for how easy it is to put together.

I used the same changes as I did with the Illini bear with a few tweaks and of course a different letter for the logo.  You can find all the details in my Ravelry project here.  These little bears are so adorable I can hardly stand to send them off, but I know they will be well loved by the M family!