Bathroom Redo

There was recently a cat, shelf, toilet incident in one of the bathrooms in my house.  An unnamed individual was using the toilet when a fluffy orange cat decided it was a good idea to jump from the counter onto the top shelf above this person.  The person quickly moved out of the way after seeing the cat land poorly to avoid being scratched to death as the cat fell off the shelf (and thankfully landed on the toilet tank).  Unfortunately, part of the pile of washcloths from the top shelf fell with the cat and landed directly in the (used) bowl.  Eew.  Pog's need to climb and sit on these shelves while in the bathroom has been a concern for a while, especially since they are glass and not meant to hold cats.  Unfortunately, this incident was the last straw and I decided the shelves had to go.  I knew that they would leave holes in the walls, so I needed to select new bathroom art to cover the holes.  I also really disliked the striped walls and decided it the perfect opportunity to paint over them.

After much deliberation, I found some gorgeous watercolor cat prints from Miao Miao Design on Etsy and decided to paint the walls a light shade of gray.  The redo only took a few days to complete and I think the result fits us perfectly since we're cat people.  I love that I no longer have to worry about Pog hurting himself on the shelves or falling into a (potentially used) toilet bowl.  Who knew a bathroom spruce up could be so simple?