Orange and Shiny Original Amigurumi Collection: Pets

I was over crocheting farm animals, so I decided to try making a dog and a cat.  I wasn't 100% happy with the arms and legs I used on the pig, horse, and cow, so I redesigned them for the dog and the cat.  I suppose the legs on the farm animals make sense since they have hooves, but I may try them out with these new limbs that have paws to see if I like them better next time.


I decided to use some leftover yarn from the desert piece of my Settlers of Catan pillow for this guy.  The only change I'd consider making in the next version is increasing the size of the ears a bit.  Otherwise, I think he's just adorable.


I thought a gray cat would be super adorable and decided to even play around with giving it whiskers.  Unfortunately, Jeff and I both think it looks more like a mouse than a cat.  We even started referring to it as a cat/mouse.  Next time I'll definitely change the snout and whiskers a bit and perhaps make the ears a bit more pointy.  Jeff suggested changing the color might help as well.  I guess we'll see the next time I work one up.

These two will also be available in my upcoming Etsy store, so stay tuned for updates!