Stitch Fix #15 - April 2017

It's that time... Stitch Fix reveal time, that is! This month I'm celebrating one year with my awesome stylist, Melissa. My only request this month was to focus on things with sleeves or things that could be layered to keep warm when they inevitably crank the AC at the office this summer.


LE LIS Talli Embroidered Kimono - Returned

This piece was a first for me since I had never tried on a kimono! It fit nicely, would be great for the office, and I liked the material & embroidery, but wasn't sold on the color/pattern. Since I wasn't in love, I sent it back.


PIXLEY Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse - Returned

This top definitely fit my ask for things with sleeves! I like the material and color, but couldn't get past how flowy it was at the bottom. I think this would have been a keeper if it fit a little more closely.


41HAWTHORN Laina Back Detail Top - Returned

I love the bright pink color, navy print, light material and back detail on this top! I ended up returning it because it was too flowy at the bottom for my taste (similar to the previous top). Otherwise, this would have been a great piece for my office.


KUT FROM THE KLOTH Braylin Knit Maxi Dress - Kept

I'm always so excited when Melissa sends something from my Pinterest board since it usually ends up fitting well and looking fabulous on me. I love the neck detail and that this dress can be paired with lots of things to dress up or down. As expected, it also fits me very nicely. I'm excited to add this to my closet.


41HAWTHORN Carla Crochet Detail Blouse - Kept

This is a fun top in a color that doesn't currently exist in my closet. I love the crochet detail, material, and that it is machine washable and dryable. It fits me nicely and can be paired with many other items in my closet, so it was an easy choice to keep this.


Final thoughts on this fix

Melissa did a great job on finding me things with sleeves for a cold office. I also really liked the light materials and bright colors she sent me this month. I am so thankful that I received Melissa as my stylist last April when my Stitch Fix journey was beginning. From that very first fix with her, I felt like she understood me and my style even though I didn't understand it myself. Her attention to detail is what really makes her my perfect stylist. She always pays attention to my rambling notes on Pinterest and then mentions this when she sends me a similar piece in my fix. She also does a fabulous job of responding to my requests, but I've learned I love my fixes even more when she styles me on her own. I'm so glad I knew to ask to keep her as my stylist last April because I don't think my Stitch Fix experience would have been nearly as positive without her. Here's to many more fixes with you, Melissa! Thank you for being awesome!


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