Stitch Fix #16 - May 2017

I haven't been posting much because I haven't been crafting much. That means you get an overload of Stitch Fix posts. It's that time again, so here's my May fix. I'm sure that everyone is aware of my "surprise me fixes are the best" motto by now, so it's obvious that I asked for another this month. In order to avoid spoilers, let's just say Melissa's picks for me blew me away. Read on for details!


LIVERPOOL Mirabella Roll Cuff Skinny Jean - Kept

It's clear to me that I'm developing a Liverpool jeans obsession. I already own two pairs and these are equally as fabulous as the others. They're the perfect color for summer (hot pink) and the fit/cut is great. I expect to get a ton of wear out of these.


LE LIS Jonesman Cut Out Detail Knit Top - Kept

I'm not sure if this qualifies as an introduction to the cold shoulder trend, but I'm going to pretend it does. At first I wasn't sure about it since the shoulders are asymmetrical. I tried it on anyway and fell in love. I like that it's black, so it will go with a lot of things, and that it fits me well. It also doesn't require a strapless bra and that's always a plus!


PAPERMOON Mensier Spaghetti Strap Top - Kept

I was really torn about this top. I love the straps, color, and pattern, but it's pretty flowy at the bottom. I admit that could be nice on a hot day, but I'm not sure it's very flattering on me. I ultimately decided to keep it for the discount since I loved everything else in my fix this month. I may rehome it with a friend, but I may also keep it for "Seattle Summer."


MARKET & SPRUCE Rami Maxi Dress - Kept

Melissa pulled this straight from my Pinterest board! I find the color, pattern, cut, and fit very flattering. I also love that the top solid material is very soft and comfortable while the patterned material on the bottom is light and airy so I'll stay cool. It's also fun to spin around in.


LOVEAPPELLA Dawnty Pullover Hooded Knit Top - Kept

This is another item Melissa pulled straight from my Pinterest board. I thought it was cute, but wasn't sure it'd look nice on me. It turns out that it fits me very nicely. The material is so soft and comfortable! I love the bright detail and the front pocket since it will be handy for storing my phone.

Final thoughts on this fix

This is my second 5/5 fix and I couldn't be happier. A common theme of my life in fashion has been seeing a cute item online (or on a rack in a store) then trying it on in real life and hating the way it looks on me. I'm so impressed that Melissa is able to choose items directly from my Pinterest board and that they fit me well and look great. She has a real knack for dressing my body shape/type while also adhering to my personal likes and dislikes. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I couldn't ask for a better stylist!


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