Cat + Cupcake = Catcake?

I haven't worked on a crochet project since March when I made the little lime people to take to my office. I decided it was time to start a new project as a going away gift for one of my coworkers. She likes sweets and shares an interest in cats (definitely not to the "crazy cat lady" level like me), so I thought it was only appropriate to make her a cat cupcake aka catcake. I looked around on Ravelry and didn't find a pattern I liked, so of course I decided it was a good idea to smash pieces from two patterns together.

My vision was to take the head of the cat from this pattern by StuffSusieMade and put it on top of the cupcake wrapper from this pattern by Candy van Sweet. Unfortunately, I did a poor job of comparing the number of stitches around so I didn't realize the cat head was too small for the cupcake wrapper. It fell right to the bottom when I put it on top to decide which rounds to sew together. As a solution, I made part of the swirl icing from the pattern by Candy van Sweet and used that as a transition between the two original pieces. I also added a cherry to the top of the cat's head. You can see all my notes in my Ravelry project.

While I wasn't totally happy with the way this turned out since it didn't quite match my original vision, my coworker liked it and that's what really matters. I hope this little catcake accompanies her wherever her travels take her next and remind her of us. We miss you already, A.B.!