Stitch Fix #18 - July 2017

You know I've been lazy in the craft/crochet department when you get nothing but Stitch Fix posts here. This has been the case for the last few months, but I'm ramping up on crafting now and new crafty posts will be here soon! In the meantime, back to the point of this post - my July Stitch Fix! By that, I probably actually mean my August fix since it was scheduled for July 28th and didn't show up until August 1 (such first world problems). I have somehow avoided the notorious cold that you usually find inside offices in the summer, so I actually left my stylist a request this month: please send short sleeve/sleeveless tops or cover ups that can go with some of the sleeveless dresses I own. She delivered exactly what I asked. Read on to see more!


PAPERMOON Halls Brushed Open Cardigan - Kept

I was excited to pull this out of the box. There's a lot to love about this cover up:  the heathered color, soft material, pockets, and length. This totally matches what I asked for this month and fits well, so it went straight into my closet.


LIVERPOOL Temma Denim Jacket - Returned

I was so glad Melissa sent this for me to try since it also matched my note and I could picture it with multiple items in my closet. Unfortunately, the sleeves are a bit too short for my long arms and it doesn't nip in at the waist as nicely as the Kut from the Kloth denim jacket I received previously.  Ultimately, I like idea of this jacket, just not how it fits. I was sad to put this in the return bag.


41HAWTHORN Juanis V-Neck Blouse - Returned

This was a nice top to try! I like the material, neckline, and sleeve length, but the color/pattern is too light for me. I also didn't like the band at the bottom and how it mushrooms out away from my body. Back it went.


DANIEL RAINN Poppins Crochet Trim Blouse - Kept

I received the "Your fix has shipped" email around lunchtime at work and decided to peek. I thought this top was super cute and immediately noticed a coworker I was lunching with had this on! We giggled about it and I wondered if I'd like it as much on me as I did on her. It turns out the top fits me nicely. I love the detail at the sleeve and that it can be dressed up or down and worn with lots of things. My coworker and I can also be outfit twins one day! This was an easy choice - keep!


SKIES ARE BLUE Amiko Crochet Neckline Top - Returned

I wasn't sure about this top when I pulled it out of the box. I tried it on and discovered I love the detail at the neckline/bottom and the light material, but it's slightly too big around. I was hoping to exchange for a smaller size, but no smaller sizes were available when I checked out. I was pretty bummed to send this one back.


Final thoughts on this fix

This fix differed from my usual since I left a request even though I feel like I get the best items when I let my stylist do her thing. I definitely think Melissa did a great job of picking out items that exactly matched what I asked for, though. I feel myself getting pickier and pickier about the items I keep as my time with Stitch Fix continues since my closet is now fairly well stocked. I definitely won't stop my fixes, but I have been considering spacing them out a bit more since I don't need as much. We'll see if that actually happens since I enjoy my monthly box from Melissa, though. :)


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