Crochet Mohop Ribbons

A few months ago I bought some Buttercream soft knit solid yarn at Joann's because it was orange and indeed very soft to the touch.  I recently got the idea to use it to make a ribbon/top part for my beloved Mohop sandals.  My first goal was to make an intricate design that would be stationary and somehow attach to the loops at the bottom.  After spending quite a while trying this with regular ribbons, I realized it just wasn't feasible the way I was doing it.  I ended up taking inspiration from this post on Mohop's Facebook page .  It turns out this lacing design was created by Rebecca Mojica of Blue Buddha Boutique (my favorite chainmaille source) and she even made a Youtube video of how to do it yourself.  I don't have the fancy hybrid sandals Rebecca is wearing, so I attempted to design something that would work for the low wedge and flat sandals I purchased a few years ago.

I ended up crocheting a really long ribbon and laced very similarly to Rebecca's instructions.  I'm really happy with how this experiment turned out, but will probably wait until next spring/summer to fully test this design since it's too cool here to be wearing sandals right now.  I'm fairly confident that the ribbons will not be too tough/rub on my feet since they are pretty soft.

One final (and disappointing) note:  I went to Joann's to pick up more of the same yarn in other colors to continue experimenting and found it's been discontinued.  I managed to find the very last skein of black (that looks like it's been through a tornado) on the discount rack.  How typical.  New goal:  find a similar yarn from a different company because more experimentation is definitely needed.  More to come!